Those questions you always wanted to ask

24 October / Special 3 hour class
5 Instructors to address all your concerns

After class, faithful to its mission of promoting Tango in all its forms, Mandarinas Tango presents a film screening:

Milongueros -El compás de Buenos Aires-

Documentary about Argentine Tango.

A film by Rika Fukuda. 2018




“The exciting documentary by Rika Fukuda, made together with José Luis Ferraro, portrays the authentic milongueros tango soul, those who dedicated their lives entirely to tango with true love for their culture. The Japanese dancer, teacher and producer felt the need to leave a register of 38 milongueros who will deeply move you with their testimony of life and tango."

Magazine "La Milonga Argentina" N° 151

Once the film is finished, Rika Fukuda, the creator, will be present to exchange ideas and feelings about the film and to share some interesting anecdotes of its production.


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